Miss T's Sets

Locally owned shop in Havana, FL, for Gifts with a Bridal Registry and Wine Bar. Visit us for Silicone Lids, Kitchen Gadgets, Stemware,
Jewelry, Home Fragrances, Flameless Candles, Dinnerware and Cookware.

Miss T's Sets is located in the beautiful historic district of Havana, FL, just a short drive on US 27 north of Tallahassee. 

A beautiful shopping experience awaits you at Miss T' s Sets. We have something for everyone, whether you are looking for Gifts, Silicone Lids, Kitchen Gadgets, Tableware, Wine and Beer Glasses, Jewelry or Home Fragrance By Claire Burke. We have a Registry for Weddings, Anniversaries and other Special Occasions.

You can see what a treat is in store by checking us out on YouTube at the links below.

milligramsMiss T's Sets, Part 1

Miss T's Sets, Part 11

Miss T's Set, Part 111



 Our Brands:

  • Silicone Lids - Charles Viancin, Rachel Ray, Trudeau
  • Gifts - Claire Burke Home Fragrance,Waterford Evolution
  • Accent Lamps - Waterford Crystal.
  • Dinnerware - Bernardaud, Coast Line, Denby, Kate Spade, Royal Doulton, Vera Wang, Wedgwood
  • Stemware - Fortessa, Kate Spade, Waterford Crystal.
  • Flatware - Fortessa, Waterford.
  • Cookware - Demeyere, Fissler, Mauviel, Staub.
  • Kitchen - Fletcher Mill, Rosle, Casabella, Kitchen Grips, Mavea Water filter pitchers, Lekue Lemon Spray.
  • Jewelry and Handbags - Victoria Leland and Howards.